Sample Collection

Please try to get a fresh sample from each animal to be sampled. Picking up a sample from manure that may have been in the barn for awhile will not yield good results. Place the sample into a zip lock style baggie and label with animal's name. Keep all samples refrigerated prior to shipping to slow down the deteriorization of any parasite eggs.


NOTE: While it is important to keep the samples cool, it is imperative that they do not freeze. Parasite eggs shatter when frozen and can no longer be detected.During periods of cold weather, samples should be shipped with some form of insulation to prevent freezing.


For a standard fecal test, it is best to have ~10 (adulygoat/sheep pellets per sample or ~4-5 camelid pellets. For a Baermann or sedimentation test a larger sample is needed, think in terms of 1/4 to 1/3 cup of sample for both Baermann and sedimentation test. If enough sample is not provided and both tests are requested, it will default to the Baermann test and credit your account for the sedimentation test not run.

Sample Submission


If possible, please complete the sample submission form to include with your shipment. Your standard fecal samples will automatically be tested for all parasites noted in the Standard Centrifugal Fecal FlotationTest description (see Services tab) and those results will be included in your report.


Note: if you are unable to print the sample submission form, please include the following information with your shipment: your name, contact information, payment information, animals' names, and testing that you want done (Standard, Baermann and/or Sedimentation). Please be sure to include the species if other than goats.

Sample Submission Form

Sample Packaging


Samples may be shipped by mail, UPS or FedEx. Please select Priority Mail when shipping at the post office- the Priority Mail boxes work very well. Include an ice pack when packaging the samples and please be sure to contain the ice pack within a sealed plastic bag (double bagged is best) so that is does not leak and destroy the packaging. One tip is to saturate a sponge with water, put into a ziplock bag and freeze. Sponges also provide insulation which is helpful. The better insulated the samples are, the cooler they will stay or in winter it helps to protect them from freezing. Additionally, please seal the sample submission form and check (if applicable) in a plastic bag to keep them clean and dry. We have had many unlegible forms and checks due to them getting wet so please seal them in a baggie.  Please avoid using gel ink as it will not be legible if it gets wet from condensation.

Payment Options

Payment options include checks and money orders made out to MeadowMist Lab Service. PayPal is accepted and should be sent to Cash payment is accepted. We do not currently accept credit or debit cards. Please note: if paying by PayPal, your report will not be sent until payment has been made.

Notice: Effective immediately, Reports will not be sent until payment has been received.

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