Meet the Technicians

Sandi Walters, BA, LATG


Sandi Walters is owner and operator of MeadowMist Lab Service. Her qualifications include 25 years combined experience as a clinical Veterinary Technician and as a Senior Animal Research Technician (LATG) working in R&D at Upjohn/Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis Animal Health).  Her 13 year tenure at Pfizer included assisting in parasitology research, serving as study coordinator on trials to develop new vaccines and towards developing new drugs such as Excenel and Excede.


After her career with Pfizer, Sandi worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist for 6 years. She has a bachelors degree in Management and Organizational Design and currently is owner/dairy manager of MeadowMist Nigerians in addition to MeadowMist Lab Service.


Amy Taylor LVT

Amy Taylor is a licensed veterinary technician (LVT) who graduated from Michigan State University.  Amy's previous experience include employment at Bergman Veterinary Medical Center where routine parasitology testing was part of her daily duties.

Amy and her family own Triple Z Farm where they raise Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. We welcomed Amy to our staff in 2020 as business needs increased.

Makenzie Freund

Makenzie Freund is a student at Vicksburg High School where she is a member of the state champion equestrian team. Makenzie has worked in the lab as an assistant technician since June 2020 and is a highly valued member of our team. Sample processing is a very time consuming but critical step which requires very careful labeling and cross checking to ensure no samples are ever switched.


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